This is the download page for a project that i am calling "iSeer". It is a web based iphone "app" that allows you to control all of you homeseer devices and events from you iphone or ipod touch.

It uses classic ASP and the jqtouch platform to build nicely styled pages with iphone-like animations.

I have updated this to use the latest version of jqTouch. This is important because it eliminates the "ghost click" issue. iSeer now runs smoother than ever.


  1. Click Here to download the zip file with all the files you will need.
  2. In the zip package you will find one folder (jqTouch_New) and several files. Copy both folders and all the files into the "html" folder under your homeseer installation. This is typically found at C:\Program Files\HomeSeer HS2\html\
  3. Once the files have been installed you should be able to access iSeer launching safari on your iphone or ipod touch and going to where is the ip address of your homeseer server.
  4. Note that if your idevice is not in your home network, you may be prompted to log in. This will be the same login as the one you use when accessing homeseer from outside your network.
  5. Now add a bookmark to this page to your home screen. You will notice that a custom icon is used (a blue icon with a gear on it).
  6. Now when you launch iSeer from the icon on the homescreen it will launch in fullscreen mode and appear more like a native app.

Navigation: There are a few things to understand aboout the navigation.

  1. The home page displays a list of all of the Event Groups from homeseer. When You tap on an even group, it will take you to a page displaying all of the events in that event group. The concept here is that you should have an event group for each room. That way if you have several devices (a few lamps for example) in each room, you can easily turn them all on by just tapping the room you want and then tapping an event in that rooms event group.
  2. If you would rather control your devices individually, you can click the Devices button on the home page. This will display a list of all of yoru devices and their current status (On, Off of Dimmed). If you tap any of the devices you will be presented with buttons to turn it on, off or dim it to 40% or 80%.
  3. On any screen you can click the Back button in the upper left corner to return to the previous page.

A few notes:

Home Page (Event Groups)
Event List
Device List (devices off)
Device List (one device on)
Device Control Page